Looking for a WW2 SAAF pilot JC Buddell

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    Good afternoon, the following request is from a relative of mine who is doing research for a book on the liberation of Ravenna in Italy. I was wondering if anyone may have some of the required information. Thank you

    I am just back from Italy where I was doing book research about the liberation of Ravenna in WW2 (december 1944). While I was there I chanced on a photo taken by a war cameraman, It shows a South African pilot being reunited with British soldiers in the main city square on 5th December 1944. He was shot down on or around 30th November while flying with the South African Air Force. He had spent 5-6 days being looked after by the Partisans (who are the main focus of my book), and he even went on a raid against German defensive positions on 2nd December 44. His name is J.C.Buddell and he was serving with 7th Squadron SA Military Aviation.

    I wonder if you might be able to find out anything more about him? I don't expect he is still alive but it would great to get any biographical information about him, maybe see if any military records exist etc. Any info about what he did after the war, after he was liberated in Ravenna, etc is always helpful. Anything which would help to flesh him out into a character for the book. As I know you have good connections with the piloting wolrld I thought you might be interested.
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    Here's the citation for his award of the DFC, March 16 1945
    Lieutenant John Charles BUDDELL (103947 V),
    S.A.A.F., 7 Sqn. (
    This officer has participated in a large number
    of sorties, involving low-level bombing and machine
    gun attacks on a variety of targets. During these
    operations, Lieutenant Buddell has assisted in the
    destruction of several locomotives and many
    mechanical vehicles. Throughout his tour of operational
    duty, this officer has set a fine example of
    courage and resolution.

    General information on his squadron

    The South African Air Force

    Detailed Squadron History for WW2

    7 SQUADRON IN WORLD WAR II (PART 1: 1942) | Robinson | Scientia Militaria - South African Journal of Military Studies

    7 SQUADRON IN WORLD WAR II (PART 2: 1943-1945) | Robinson | Scientia Militaria - South African Journal of Military Studies

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    Hello, here's a picture of Lt. Buddel with the partisans in "Piazza del Popolo" square, in Ravenna

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    To apply for his service records you can e-mail the South African Defence Force Documentation Centre at sandfdoc@mweb.co.za
    Give them the information you have together with proof of identity such as a copy of your passport and your address.
    It will probably take a while.
    There is no charge for the records.
    The records should say where he was living and details of any family. Unfortunately you may not find out anything else about him as very few records are digitised.
    Good luck in your research
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    thanks a lot DianeE, this will be useful for researching about other SAAF pilots and Pow behind the lines in north italy
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    You may find further information in the SAAF Operations Records Books which are available online from The National Archives referenced AIR 54. These are digitised copies of the original microfiche and are unfortunately not searchable.
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    I have the service record of Buddell (and my write up on him) plus copies of his flying logbook and his named medals, if you send me an e mail address I can forward these to you

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