London Aerodrome 1942/1943

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    Plans to have four civil aerodromes for London by 1943, possibly designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens.

    " Minute Sheet Air Ministry File No: 382


    Copies to P.U.S., 1st. D.U.S.

    P.S. to S. of S.

    1. I feel that we must now get our minds clear as regards the London aerodrome position in the future, and work out a timetable in accordance with the policy for the provision of these aerodromes. There are two existing and two possible projects, Croydon, Heston, and Fairlop and Lullingstone.

    2. Croydon is functioning, but is unsatisfactory in its present state, and needs rebuilding in accord with modern requirements and ideas. This will necessitate closing the airport.

    3. Heston is functioning, but before it can be made into a first class terminal airport the " major Heston" scheme must be completed.

    4. Fairlop is a Corporation City of London project. I am not aware as to what programme and timetable the Corporation is working to.

    5. Lullingstone; we have just received Treasury agreement to negotiate for the purchase of the land. So far no proposals in detail have been put forward for the development of the site for the complete airport.

    6. I believe it is safe to work out a policy on the assumption that certainly three, and probably all four, sites will be required for future civil aviation. If the situation can be met with three - or alternatively for various possible reasons has to be met with three - I presume that it is agreed Croydon is the site which could be abandoned in preference to the others, and incidentally in all probability be liquidated on financially advantageous terms. I would prefer to go forward on the assumption of all four airports being required."

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