Libya / LRDG, Operation CARAVAN

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    Operation Caravan was actually my first real research job in Libya. Accidentally, when reading Brendan O'Carroll's "Kiwi Scorpions", I found his e'mail address via the publisher and wrote to him about some minor errors in captions etc.... He then introduced me to his ongoing project "Barce Raid" and I took the task to re-trace the last kilometers of the attackers and the precise routes inside the old city. Luckily for us - not for the inhabitants- the City was heavily damaged by an earhtquake in 1963 and abandoned afterwards. Luckily for us since this is the reason why lots of its original substance is still existing today. I had the chance to "eliminate" several missinterpretations in the old reports and to help to come closest possible to the actual sequence of the raid. Was very proud when I saw my color photos in that outstanding book B)

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    Good Job and well done!
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    As Andy said, a job well done.
    I like the Railway Station photo too.

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    This was long time back - when I was still young. I do not even know, if the book is still available or not?
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    Dug out some more pics of Barce. Just for those few who did not read Brendan's book ;)

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