Liberation of The Scheldt, November 1944

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    Wills, thanks for that report. I've been avidly searching for all available info since recently learning my father was part of the 21 Army Group and one of a handful of survivors of "Black Friday".

    I am sad that it somehow does not convey to the researcher the fears, dangers and anxieties of the battlefield.

    I feel the same way. Just started reading "Tug of War" in hopes it will give a more personal perspective.
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    Yes clinical but when commanders have files and reports piled up they need to extract the main points from a concise report. These reports were not for general release. In fact some were so critical of commanders that they might have undermined moral had they been released. There are reports from other British general officers that suggest this was 'another Montgomery Blunder'. That will upset some but others report they had warned of the need to deal. Montgomery did admit later that it was a 'mistake' if that seems out of character it might just have been the comments of others that led to this admission.

    Black Friday

    WAR DIARY O.R.1st. Bn. Black Watch (RHR) of Canada Oct 10-14, 1944.

    Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

    "No One Provokes Me With Impunity" 60th Anniversary Canadian Army Report 188. Scheldt Estuary.


    Claimed to be the Carrier that Sgt E Ricter was KIA.

    Sherman of the Fort Garry Horse.

    DHH - Armour, Artillery and Field Engineer Regiments - ARMOUR REGIMENTS - THE FORT GARRY HORSE

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    Greg, I knew a guy who was in 41 RM Commando at Sword and Walcheren. Ask your companion if he remembers Warwick Nield-Siddall. Warwick is sadly no longer with us, but his daughters and son would be happy to hear from anyone who knew their dad. And have a great trip, too, Warwick said that the people of Walcheren were still grateful to the British.

    I will certainly ask him. He has told me before that he only really remembers his close comrades in B Troop. But I'll mention the name. It would be nice if he did remember.
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    Jan H. Wigard is a very good contact. I have tried to give you his website but it translates to googly-gook. If you want to contact him, Google his name and I am sure you will connect. He has produced a fine historic record and created the best definitive site about the Occupation and Liberation of Walcheren. He lives in Middelburg. Regards. Joe

    Hiya Joe
    Just to let you know that thanks to you and Rob I met up with Jan in Middelburg last week.

    He is a gentleman! We had a good chat with him, and I think he enjoyed meeting 'our' veteran, Ted.

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    Thanks, Greg!

    Joe brown.
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    My great uncle was killed in walcheren on Nov 3rd 1944 and I am more than interested in finding out as much as I can about his time there. He was in the 6th cameronians and as far as I know was killed either in the mud or on an LVT 2. I would love to visit where he fell and also bergen op zoom cemetery where he is. If anyone is organising a tour over walcheren island could they let me know please. Many thanks in advance.
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    Watched a 97 min webinar last night 'The Battle for the Scheldt Estuary: the Second Attack on The Atlantic Wall' by Edwin Popken, a Dutch military historian and guide, via Dan Hill's website - where it is available and first at this time:

    The webinar was very detailed for me, although long ago I had read something about it and recall only footage / photos of flooded land.
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