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    5thindiandivision Indian Division

    I was recently given this map from a colleague at work, it covers North East Africa.

    There is writing on the front which I think (with some guess work) says the following:

    Taken from German
    Nov 8th 1942
    I (maybe should be a T) / 55258 Bdr. Lurther ? ?
    246/24 the L.A.A Regt RA

    As I said its not clear in some cases so I may be wrong, but I cannot find any record of 24th Light Anti Aircraft Regt being in North Africa?

    Would welcome other ideas if you have any?

    Thanks in advance as always.

    Cheers James

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    Could it be 246 Battery 34 LAA Regiment - part of 50th Northumbrian Division in El Alamein Order of Battle?

    Second Battle of El Alamein order of battle | Wikiwand

    34th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment R.A (T.A)

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  3. 5thindiandivision

    5thindiandivision Indian Division

    Hi Steve
    That is great information, thank you very much.

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