'Lend-Lease' to Russia

Discussion in 'Soviet' started by ozjohn39, Feb 1, 2016.

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    I am not familiar with Jordan, but I would be just a bit skeptical. The items under "atomic materials" in that list might conceivably have other uses, and the Wikipedia article sounds a shade too laudatory. I have read a good deal about Soviet espionage in WWII, and the best authorities (Haynes and Klehr) do not believe that Hopkins was a Soviet agent. More discussion and research on this is needed, at least for me.
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    I just did a google search on Jordan, and I was immediately led into a sea of extreme right-wing references and websites. My skepticism has increased. Perhaps there is something legit in this, but the topic is clearly a minefield. Time to start probing carefully with the bayonet.
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    I've seen quite a bit :)

    But the question and title are a bit vague perhaps? ;)

    Are you only interested Ozjohn39 in "the atomic items in there" and the "Racey Jordan" side of things?

    If your focus is just narrowly on these I should say that the "power" of the advent of the nuclear weapons age was such that during it's early days a number of those involved thought that it was too much for one nation on earth to control, and if so should it be the US? but also that for some a nuclear weapon was just a very big bang, the whole idea of fallout and wiping out mankind etc. and the development of two cold war armed camps facing off is just a huge topic to go off on, and off in the future from there (lend lease) - when in act US and Russia were allies meant to be sharing much (though perhaps not all ;) )

    Also a lot of people didn't even think a nuclear bomb was practically possible at first, Hitler had a number of things like access to heavy water making facilities etc. but didn't think a nuclear bomb would ever had been practical (they thought it would be a vast thing - not possible to move so you could only essentially blow yourself up) hence "having the materials" themselves and some scientists was not always enough.

    You needed more than that. As has been said though "it's a big topic" - so what are you after?

    "Time to start probing carefully with the bayonet" - you never know what might go off! :salut:

    All the best,


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    This has been discussed here as far back as 2006/7. Shipments stopped in 1945.

    The previous list we saw was the same value however vehicles Trucks etc were given as singular items not collectively which is one item I noticed.

    Would be interested to see if information has been released since to prove anything after 1945.
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    I thought the OP was fairly clear.

    The entire listing, it's origin and authorship, and also its time frame was to me at least fascinating. Even many of the (luxury) items ring a bell, obviously for senior members of the party only.

    We all know about Lend Lease to Russia, but I have never seen it is such detail and the block of items at the top rang a bell with me given that "Manhattan' was top secret to all except Russian spies in the US and UK. Stalin knew about 'Trinity' before Truman told him.

    We all know about the 'leanings' of many in the USG at that time, and the promises made to send ANYTHING requested.

    Perhaps the entire thing is a fraud and fabrication but if so, WHY?

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    Did the Marshall Plan extend to Russia in the post war years? Surely not!

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    At least one error in the listing it seems,

    Page 4 -

    Steel bars, cold finished 425,331,742 tons 39,360,892.

    This cannot be correct surely, in pounds perhaps? Value is less than 10c a TON?

    That much would have taken all the shipping capacity available i feel.

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