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    I bought these a few months ago , a commonly found set but so often the rubbers are in poor order or missing.
    Optically speaking not an outstanding set, a poor second to Zeiss and a good Barr and Stroud would be its equal.
    To use a very comfortable set the rubber eye cups are very easy on the eye brow, weight wise not too heavy and they balance easily on the finger tips.
    They can be focused individually when the rubber top caps are removed and when the caps are replaced they "lock" the ocular elements in place.
    Coated lens are good but the set is not outstanding and I have to admit I bought them to fill a gap rather than to use.

    The second set is a very early war set of leitz again a 7x50 , uncoated lens.
    Some restoration required, the eye cups are broken and have been repaired , the coverings are in quite good order very often they are broken dried and brittle.
    the wear on the painted surfaces I will leave , you can over cook things (IMO).
    A little rough looking but a little TLC and they will be a bit better.

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