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    Hi All
    I have a video called Left of the Line made by the Ministry of Information and is about the British and Canadian action prior to D Day Landings and afterwards, some good film shots in it covers all action up to the river Seine. If anybody out there wants to borrow it they are welcome
    mike aka rotherfield
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    Any chance to post the link online?

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    Hi Randy
    I am a novice when it come to things like that, in fact I am a complete div but if you want the video you can have it I will send it to you.
    Its mainly an information film filmed at the time but it does not give units names just short clips of battles etc, some are universal clips but others are unique especially the fighting around Caen the video lasts for 25mins.
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    Mike, I will drop you a PM.

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    LEFT OF THE LINE [Main Title]

    Nb. The films are numbered 1 to 4.
    Film 1 - oddly is a "silent" version of the Pre-D-Day and D-Day Film 2.
    Film 3 - The Normandy Campaign. Film 4 - Onwards from the Seine.

    Object description
    A short record of the British and Canadian Armies fighting from the beaches to Brussels.
    Full description
    Build-up for the invasion - many Britons see for the first time the "mighty war machine" created by the Allied peoples. Troops confident that nothing had been left undone. Fleet protected by naval and air forces. Invasion - the Germans hesitate to commit heavy forces for fear of another landing, and the beachhead is secured. French welcome Allies. Advance on Caen is slow but sure. US troops with "greater freedom of movement" clear the Cherbourg peninsula. Significance of Caen - the pivot of the German defence. 1000-bomber raid. British advance into the town - not a complete breakthrough "...but to hold us had strained the enemy to his utmost". Scope of Allied strategy revealed when Americans breakthrough into Brittany. German counterattack and Battle of the Falaise pocket. Role of Typhoons. "This was no stab in the back. Here was an army outgeneralled and outfought..." Drive to the Seine. Canadians take Dieppe - commemoration ceremony for 1942 rehearsal raid. Battle of Normandy was in fact the Battle of France. Allies reach Brussels. "This was lightning war indeed, beyond anything the Germans dreamed of". Battle of Germany about to begin.
    Physical description

    Sergeant Daniel William GINGER - 5348049

    Recommendation for Award for Ginger, Daniel William Rank: Serjeant Service... | The National Archives


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