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  1. Hi,

    Could someone please help me understand my grandfathers service record? It has numerous leave notices on it with the relevant dates and locations. My query is are these locations such as; Berwick, Crieff, Forfar etc, places where he would have been stationed or places that he would have been told to go on leave to? As I am trying to plot his journey throughout ww2.

    Many thanks in advance
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    From looking at numerous service records I’d say the locations quoted are the places where the unit was based at the time the record was updated. I presume they are entries on the B103 form(s)?

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  3. Many thanks for that, yes its on a B103. Do you know of any sites that can locations with army camps/facilities?
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    As you can imagine that in addition to pre war “permanent camps/barracks” during wartime there were numerous “pop up/temporary/for the duration” camps erected that were quickly dismantled/left to decay as the army downsized post war.

    I’m not aware of any sites that look at this issue at a National level so your best bet might be to look on the internet for a local area history group website/Facebook group and ask the question there.

    Good Luck.

  5. Thanks, I think I need to go to Kew and look at his battalion war diaries.

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