Landing Table First Tide British 3rd Infantry Division

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    I have just received this lovely piece of work from Michel Sabarly. ( Member )
    I have had to split the spreadsheet up because of the file size.
    As Michel says please comment and add anything relevant.
    Nice one Michel.

  2. Pak75

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    Thanks both of you - very timely.
    I have been keeping Andy busy at PRO copying similar records - will post later.
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  3. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    Excellent work.

    Having seem that file at the National Archives, it can't have been easy to have transcribed some of the information.

    Cheers - Rob
  4. dbf

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    Fantastic piece of work, certain to be of interest and help to others.

    Thanks to Michel for all the hard work - and to Kevin of course for posting it.
  5. PegasusGary

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    Excellent work. My area is 2 Lincolns for whom I'm currently writing the Bn history and have all their landing tables for Neptune. These correspond exactly with what you have here so I'm pleased about that. I've seen some of the documents at NA which you have obviously been working from and like a previous post (Rob - Ramacal) I think you've done an exceptional job in presenting this in such a tidy format. Many thanks and well done.
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    This is of immense value, not least for an insight into working designations of vehicles (all half tracks are M14...) Thanks. Keith
  7. Norm D.

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  8. dryan67

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    The files are Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You will need that program or some other spreadsheet that can open .xls files.
  9. Norm D.

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    many thanks to dryan67 for the info about spreadsheets.and a well done to the guys who did the landing tables.a work of art.thanks.
  10. AndyBaudrey

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    Hi, thank you so much for posting this! I am trying to find out more details of my uncle who was in the battalion HQ of the Suffolks, this is just brilliant!! Thanks again!
  11. Thunder_from_Heaven

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    Thank you so much for this excellent piece of work! I am currently researching and trying to update the Warwicks history and the info in this is invaluable and will really help me with my work.

    Thanks again for this!
  12. sapper

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    Fine job of work..Well done mate! I am very pleased to see my Company well to the fore in the landing schedules 246 Field Coy RE several mentions.

    I have not seen that before and the great work that my company did in the early landings has never been seen by me before Thanks very much
    Sapper (246 Fld Coy RE)
  13. chrisgrove

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    This is of immense value, not least for an insight into working designations of vehicles (all half tracks are M14...) Thanks. Keith

    ...and almost all 3 tonners are Austin (and none Bedford)!

  14. I've attached an update of my transcription of the WO 219-3075 - Landing Tables First Tide - 3rd British Infantry Division Group dated 19 Mar 44 (with Amendments No 2), as first kindly posted here by Kevin, where I've corrected some errors I had made (can't remember which though) and added a few AoS numbers.

    They are again split into two Excel files to keep each under the 2MB limit, but you can of course regroup them into one single file by moving the 3 sheets in "Units" back into the main file.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Excel, the "Filter" Sheet enables you to filter the Table in order to view only the part you're looking for, by clicking the small arrow on one of the headers in the top row and selecting the element you're interested in. For instance, to view all (and only those) elements pertaining to 2 East Yorks, click the arrow at the bottom right corner of cell K1 "Unit or Sub-Unit (d)", scroll down the list and click "2 E YORKS". To get back to showing everything, be sure to click "(All)" at the top of the list when you're finished.

    Same applies to selecting, say, only "Sherman Vc" (cell R1 "Model") or "gun AA" (cell Q1 "Type") or any of the contents in any column.

    There remain quite a few missing AoS numbers, so any addition will be most welcome, and so will any comment/suggestion/correction. LTIN/craft pennant numbers matches will be especially appreciated.

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  15. OP-researcher

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    Michel, fantastic, great work.
    Questions (please forgive my ignorance):
    1. 1st Tide is this the first wave to land on Sword?
    2. Has anyone done the spreadsheet for the 2nd Tide?

    I'm trying to find mention of a FOO/FOB/Signalls or W/T unit from 10th Medium Regiment RA (formerly 16 Bn Royal Fusiliers City of London Regiment).
    A relative (OP Wireless Operator) embarked 3/6/1944 but I'm not sure of his movements until the remainder of the Regiment land 13-14th July, 1944.
    Kind regards Jez.
    Family rumour is he landed at Sword beach on D-Day
  16. Driver-op

    Driver-op WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    Glad to see you're still there Sapper. I came in long after you number 1742, the 4x4 Tractor was the first off the LCT so the winch could be used if anyone got stuck, but he drove straight into a ruddy great bomb crater as he came off. The Carrier Lloyd was supposed to be my wireless vehicle but it got broken while rehearsing in Scotland. The replacement was a 4 wheel drive Canadian Ford wireless truck which had the nasty habit of failing to restart, which it did on the beach - so we had to catch up on our lonesome - I was way past terrified.
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  17. Jez,

    Do you have your relative's Service Record? This could help ascertaining the date of his embarkation and provide other clues. If he actually embarked on 3 Jun 44 he must have been in the first tides.

    If he was an NCO he might have been detached as an OPA (Observation Post, Assistant) to an FOB Party landing on D Day, under a Captain RA. If you know who his direct superior was at that time we could find the FOB Party he would have been part of. Other non-officer members of FOB Parties were all Royal Navy.
    For more info on FOB Parties see here:

    Regarding your other questions:
    1. "First Tide" means just that: all waves landing during the first tide on D Day (H Hour to H + 6 hrs).
    2. Landing Tables 2nd Tide can be found in Trux' fantastic thread on SWORD Area here:
    and those for Follow-Up Force L here:
    but I can't see any mention of 10 Med Regt RA in either.

    We need a minimum of firm data to progress :)

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  19. Bala

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    what marshalling camps did the Units stay at before moving to the ships?

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