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  1. Pat Clark

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    I’m looking for any information or photos of my great uncle Colonel Joseph George James Powell Seabrook who served in the R&H Brigade and retired in 1949
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  2. davidbfpo

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    Ancestry shows he died in 1959. I don't use that website and you'd have to look for the details: Winnifred May Seabrook 1895-1928 - Ancestry®

    Oddly I cannot immediately find any mention in the London Gazette.

    Who and what were the R&H Brigade? Methinks it is the South African Railways and Harbour Brigade; which appeared in a recent thread.
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  3. Tricky Dicky

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    Joseph George James Powell Seabrook
    BIRTH 28 NOV 1890 • Cape Town Suburbs, Cape Colony, South Africa
    DEATH 29 JUL 1959 • South Africa

    Father Joseph Powell Seabrook (1843-1925)
    Mother Elizabeth Mary Champion (1856-1937)

  4. CL1

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    get his service records
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  5. davidbfpo

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    That photo could be from WW1, although in 1939 the SAAF did have some old aircraft in use, none of which had wheels with spokes though.
    His name and nothing else appears in this list of South Africans in the Royal Flying Corps: Personnel from South Africa in the air services
    Could the uniform be the RFC / RAF?
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  6. davidbfpo

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    CL1 refer to his service records, For the South African records see the last post in this thread: South African records
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  7. Waddell

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  8. CL1

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    thank you to the very kind forum members who have replied
    most kind of you to take your time and trouble to look through google and the internet
  9. davidbfpo

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    Following on Waddell's post which refers to Joseph Powell Seabrook, b. 1893 so a slightly different DoB to the other posts. There is another photo from 1920, on a French site: Joseph Powell Seabrook au Sahara by Photographie originale / Original photograph: (1920) Photograph | photovintagefrance

    Alas I think it is not the Seabrook sought by Pat Clark, who writes that he retired in 1949. According to this family history website (which I do not use) he died in 1925. This would also exclude Waddell's WW1 RFC photo. See: Joseph Powell Seabrook

    There is a line with him in a 1917 London Gazette, unclear what it refers, possibly being commissioned:

    He appears in this long list (with adverts appearing) and is credited with five kills: List of World War I aces credited with 5 victories

    This French site shows he was with No. 11 Squadron RFC, possibly shot down: WW1 - La Grande Guerre and in English: Joseph Powell Seabrook

    Now to be positive another family history site (same caveat) states:

    That would make Pat's subject: Joseph George James Powell Seabrook his son.
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  10. Richard Lewis

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    Supplement to the London Gazette, 17 May 1917.
    General List (R.F.C.).
    The undermentioned cadets to be temp. 2nd Lts. (on prob.): —
    3 May 1917.
    Joseph Powell Seabrook.

    Edit: David got there first!

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  11. Pat Clark

    Pat Clark New Member

    This is indeed my great uncle.
  12. Pat Clark

    Pat Clark New Member

    Thanks for all who have replied to my request for information about my great uncle Joseph GJP Seabrook.
    I am however trying to find out information and photos about his service in the Railways and Harbours Brigade in South Africa during WW2
  13. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

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