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    taken at Enschede General Cemetery




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    I believe that Henk Brinkgreve's memorial was vandalized earlier this year - attached is an image of the statue that was stolen or broken.

    Brinkgreve was the leader of Jedburgh Team Dudley - he was killed when Dutch SS raided the farmhouse he was located in looking for food supplies, he was killed in the ensuing shoot out on 5 March 1945.

    The Team deployed on 11 September 1944 shortly before Market Garden, expecting to be over-run within a few days.

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    Took this one in 2006. The statue known as, 'the torch carrier' made by a brother (a respected sculptor) was vandalized by thieves in July 2010.

    His headstone is marked 'Hij hield de fakkel brandende' or translated in English 'He kept the torch burning.'
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    Is there a list of the team names and members for Jedburgh?
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    What do you need to know besides the list?
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    Link : Jedburgh team Dudley

    Re. Casualty Details | CWGC

    Service Number: 5348971
    Regiment & Unit/Ship : Royal Berkshire Regiment
    Date of Death : Died 04 April 1945
    Age 21 years old
    Buried or commemorated at HATTEM GENERAL CEMETERY. Plot 2. Grave 153. Netherlands
    Secondary Unit, Regiment : attd. Jedburgh Team (Dudley) Special Operations Executive

    Country of Service : United Kingdom

    Awards : Mentioned in Despatches

    Additional Info : Son of Joseph Edward and Katherine Matilda Austin, of Kensington, London.

    Personal Inscription : IN MEMORIA AETERNA ERIT JUSTUS

    portret Austin.jpg

    See also... Austin, John Patrick Standidge (Engels) - Welkom bij oorlogsdoden Gemeente Dinkelland


    The 1940 Cricket 1st XI
    (L to R) - Back Row: Mr JP Hand (Coach), JP Austin, DL Shuldham, PJ Casey, PJ Wilding; Seated: RM Coleman, PJ Gough, TV McNabb (Capt), TJ Field-Hook, JP Pereira; Front: FB Creamer, DW Moon.

    See... 1st Bn Herefordshire Regiment, KSLI

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