IWM The Chindits operate in Burma during the monsoon season

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    IWM The Chindits operate in Burma during the monsoon season (10.42)

    Note: At least one short clip of this is used in the World At War (Lovely day tomorrow)

    Object description

    As the fight begins to take Burma back from the Japanese the Chindits mount long range patrols in the area of the Mogaung Valley to identify and harass enemy positions prior to re-taking them.
    Full description

    Column 61 of 14th British Infantry Brigade LRP (Long Range Penetration) consisting of 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment, make their way through the jungle. Officers of 2nd Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment point out Japanese positions on a jungle covered hill. Men cross a shallow stream and pay out a communications cable as they march through the jungle. An Ordnance ML 3-inch mortar is set up on a tripod by soldiers and then is fired several times. The mortar is then fired in quick succession, a crew member covers the muzzle with a dust cap after every firing. A larger 4.2-inch mortar is fired. A bearded soldier looks through the sights of the 3-inch mortar and then takes a compass bearing. A line of four men pass mortar ammunition from one to the next along a chain. Another soldier digs a shallow pit with an entrenching tool and uses it as an improvised ammunition dump. A plume of smoke rises on a jungle covered hill. A machine gun crew man a water-cooled Vickers .303 machine gun. Men sit aboard a water craft as it passes along a river, probably the Indaw Chaung. Several of the men are totally naked on the boat. One of the naked men bails out water from the bottom of the boat. These craft are nicknamed 'Dreadnoughts' because they are such large rafts and are powered by several outboard motors. A soldier just wearing a hat watches the banks of the river pass by. Another naked man fires his rifle into the jungle. More bailing out is carried out with a mess tin. Another craft passes in the opposite direction, the crew of the other boat seem amused. A shallow river is swollen and fast moving. Men cross the river by holding a bamboo pole across the water which can be used to balance on. They keep their balance by holding on to over-hanging branches. Cameraman Sergeant Ken Higgins returns to the bank after nearly being swept away and drowned by the swollen river. Heavily laden troops march through the jungle and across another shallow stream. Mules are used to carry kit. Muddy boots show the condition under foot. Men and mules make their way through very deep mud. A mule climbs down a very steep slope, half scrambling, half sliding down. A soldier pats the nose of the mule. A soldier washes kit in a stream and then a mule is also washed as it nibbles at vegetation. Soldiers lead mules and elephants carrying kit through the jungle. The column of soldiers and animals meets a column of Burmese refugees coming in the opposite direction to escape the Japanese. A bivouac area is set up in the jungle. The soldiers use machetes to clear vegetation. The men light a fire. A smoke signal is used to show Douglas Dakotas where to drop supplies. Another Dakota flies over and drops supplies by parachute. Troops gather the supplies and parachutes and carry them off. A soldier laughs as he is piled high with parachutes. More packages drop by parachute.
    Physical description


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    Illustrated London News 11 August 1945
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