Is war diary the next step? If so, which one?

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    I'm trying to assist my father in law in tracking down as much information as possible on his father who served in Burma during WW2 (Russell Spencer).

    He enrolled in the Sherwood Foresters and was transferred to a West Yorkshire regiment I believe prior to deployment to Burma.

    I've attached an image detailing his postings. Any assistance or advice on the next steps would be greatly appreciated. I believe a war diary could be the next step?
    R Spencer.jpg
    Many thanks,
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  3. Neil Anderson

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  4. Neil Anderson

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    Are the abbreviations on the image above relevant when looking for the relevant war diaries?
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    Hello Neil

    I have replied to your other thread which is similar to this; you will find other replies there

    Abbreviation help!

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    I thought I might be able to help as I have an old disc with a few various war diaries.
    There are half a dozen images from a 2 West Yorks 1944 diary but it's for Sept & October '44 , months which he's listed as being on the X List & not with the battalion, sorry.
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    That’s a shame. Thanks anyway! Do some war diaries include photos?
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    It isn't common, but yes--they sometimes do.

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