is there a landing table for June 7th?

Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by Dubman, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Dubman

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    I have this link to website for landing tables for June 6th Gold beach
    it gives mention of two batteries of 73rd Anti tank regiment. I'm seeking the other two batteries that landed on June 7th.
    Any idea's anyone.
    I have chatted with a few, helpful, people who say look under 30corps etc, but on the above website, although 198 and 234 battery was part of 56th they show on chart as 234/ 73anti tank etc.
    So anyone any ideas?
  2. SDP

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    While others on this forum are far more expert than myself, my understanding is that Landing Tables were only prepared for the first two tides on 6th June itself and that all movements after that were on the basis of a round robin ferry service with craft being filled as required by the overall operation as they returned to port.
  3. Dubman

    Dubman Well-Known Member

    oh I see, well that explains it.
    thank you for your help

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