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    Hi, I am researching my Father's travels during WWII. Her served in the RAF as a wireless operator between 1943 and 1947.

    Sadly he passed away two years ago, none of us knew that during his time in the RAF he had kept a diary, photographs, movement docs, dance tickets etc. Written on small scarps of paper it covered most days during that period.

    I have now transcribed all that material into one word document which I am about to get printed into a book and a PDF document. It is circa 140 pages.

    I was just doing the last piece of research when I came across this site. If anybody can help point me in the direction where I can obtain any other material I would be grateful.

    He left Liverpool in Oct 1943 on the SS Strathmore in the convoy KMF.25A, through the Mediterranean (diary entry covers the bomber/torpedo attack off Cape Bougaroun, 6th November when he was on deck on guard duty, then through Suez, Bombay, Allahabad, Ceylon, Cocos Islands, Ceylon, Southampton.

    I have his service number, which is 1814590 and I know from the diary he was in the ACSEA in Ceylon but cannot locate any unit numbers etc.

    Thanks Steve
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