Info Request on 3 Camps; 152, 633/656 and 257

Discussion in 'UK PoW Camps' started by Martin Richards, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Martin Richards

    Martin Richards Active Member

    Okay I am trying to pin down the location of three Camps.

    I have visited the areas and know I have walked past each of the three sites, but the exact location is not publicly available and there is no traces of the sites and no local knowledge other than basic information.

    Camp 152 Old Liberal Club Charnwood Road Shepshed

    This is a local camp to my self and by its location, name and number its an early camp and was I would say small – more like a hostel and or sub-camp.

    There is though no local record of where the Liberal Club was along the road.

    Camp 633, 656 Proteus Camp Nottinghamshire

    This was a very big logistics dept made up of Romney Huts and was slip to a north and south site.

    The basic assumption is that the PoWs were on the site or close to it and employed as labours moving stuff around. Again given the number and local info it was Italians after they changed sides and lasted until about 1946.

    The site today on the North Side has retained a lot of the old Romney Huts.

    The South side is mainly new build with a single row of the old huts left.

    It would I guess be logical to actually use some of the huts for the camp – but that is a 100% guess or place them just outside the wire.

    PoW Camp 257 Pennygillam Farm

    This site today is a very very large modern industrial estate the site of the PoW Camp is under there somewhere.

    The old OS Maps show the location of the old farm buildings but I have not been able to track down where under the modern site this camp is ?
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  2. Malcolm56

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    152 Old Liberal Club - SK 478 194. Appears on the 1921 OS map, later just described as 'Club'. libclub21.JPG

    Happy hunting! Malcolm
  3. Martin Richards

    Martin Richards Active Member

    Thanks that's the main one I am after.

    I like in Leiceshire and it's the only main camp I had no idea where it was.

    There are a couple of others in Leicestershire that I guess are plus or minus a 100m or so but sheadshead has had me stumped.

    Also I have just done a big hand in of uni work.
    I am currently also talking with the RAF to be allowed to use my done to shoot a site in Lincolnshire close to an RAF base.

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