Info: Australian? Allied Unit, Commissioner Basil Burdett (B.3/36), Australian Red Cross Society.

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    Not on CWGC database

    Any information would be appreciated.


    Need assistance on Who/Where/What/How for this man who is on the Australian Commemorative Roll which is for those "Australians" who died in other Allied Services. If proved not to be "Australian" their names will not be removed from the Commemorative Roll however their details will be updated accordingly.

    I have researched the Air Force members but there are many more Land and Sea deaths in a myriad of different forces.

    There is not a lot of information on these people that can be accessed easily and I ask your assistance to fill in at least some of the gaps.

    Hopefully some relatives may see this thread and add more.

    I will make a different thread for each along the way as they may tend to get lost if clumped together.

    Commemorative Roll - Basil Burdett

    Rank: Commissioner B.3/36
    Unit: Malaya Unit
    Service: Australian Red Cross Society
    Conflict: 1939-1945
    Date of death: 1 February 1942

    Full Biography here:

    Biography - Basil Burdett - Australian Dictionary of Biography


    Burdett, Basil (1897–1942)

    by Richard Haese
    Basil Burdett (1897-1942), journalist, art dealer and critic, was born on 23 July 1897 at Ipswich, Queensland, son of William Burdett, clerk, and Lillie Jane Gray. He enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force in Brisbane in September 1915 and served as a stretcher-bearer with the 1st Field Ambulance. Before his return to Australia late in 1919 he took a three-month course of commercial training in London.

    Burdett joined the Australian Red Cross Field Force on 15 January 1941 in Melbourne and embarked for Singapore later that month. He was appointed deputy assistant commissioner on 16 September and assumed responsibility for administering both the Australian and British Red Cross operations in the 'Far East'. He was killed at Sourabaya, Java, when the aircraft on which he was a passenger crashed on landing on 1 February 1942. He was survived by his daughter, born in 1927. In 1943 Burdett was posthumously awarded the (New South Wales) Society of Artists' Medal.

    Life Summary [details]


    23 July 1897
    Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

    1 February 1942
    Sourabaya, Netherlands East Indies (lndonesia)

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    Case submitted to CWGC in Spidges name
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    With thanks to Chris Harley for submitting Basil Burdett in 2011, his name is now listed on the CWGC website.
    Date of Death:
    Australian Red Cross Society
    Panel Reference:


    Additional Information:
    Son of Mrs L. J. Burdett, of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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