Identity of this aircraft posted in Daily Orders? 1943 England

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    I came across this while researching my Dad's Unit's War Diary. Can anyone tell me what this plane is.? It looks mighty strange to me.

    DAILY Orders by Lieut. Col. G.L. Morgan Smith, Commanding 11 Cdn. Field Ambulance, R.C.A.M.C.

    PART 1 ORDERS 6 AUG 43 for SATURDAY 7 AUG 43 NO 196

    RECOGNITION OF AIRCRAFT: - Aircraft of Pterodactyl Type

    1. Monoplane aircraft without tails and with twin tractor engines will be seen flying.

    2. Additional recognition features are as follows:

    (i) Small stabilizing wing with elevators carried on nose of aircraft.

    (ii) Main planes situated at rear of fuselage are tapered and backswept.

    (iii) Fins and rudders carried at extremities of main planes.

    (iv) Large triangular fin with clipped top mounted centrally at rear end of fuselage.

    (v) Retractable tricycle undercarriage.

    3. Confirmation is requested by 13 Aug 43 that the above infmn has been passed to all concerned.

    The above extract is taken from:

    Library Archives Canada, War Diary 11 Canadian Field Ambulance, RCAMC, 1 August 43 to 31 August 43, RG 24, Vol 15870, File May 43 to Apr 44.
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  3. Blutto

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    Yes, description fits the M 39 to a tee, including the dates.
  4. canuck

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    I'm puzzled as to why would an obscure prototype, which never went into production, be included in the daily orders for a Canadian Field Ambulance unit?
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  6. Vintage Wargaming

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    Where were they in August 43?
  7. ecalpald

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    In August 1943 the 11 Cdn Fd Amb's HQ was setup in Lavant House, Lavant, Sussex. Map Ref 287279
  8. canuck

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    Which is less than 60 miles south of the Miles factory at Woodley. So, not beyond the realm of possibility for test flights to have passed overhead.
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  9. Robert-w

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    The project was on the secret list and there may have been a worry that if those who might have spotted it did not know that it was "one of ours" it might give rise to gossip and general speculation in public.

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