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Discussion in 'RAMC' started by tony hellyer, Nov 14, 2017.

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    Jackson was a London surgeon who joined the airborne field hospital in 1942 and served through the war.
    I can find no record of him on the internet but have a family picture which shows him as Lt. with RAMC lapel badges and the red beret, no idea how to post a pic file , it is not a URL. Any one please have a service record.
    Tony Hellyer
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    Hi Tony


    I dont think anyone here would have hios service record, however you can easily apply for it yourself, the link is Request records of deceased service personnel - GOV.UK

    If you need to upload something then in the bottom right hand corner of the reply box is the option 'Upload a File'

    You say you can find no record of him on the internet - is this him

    Jackson, Ian MacGilchrist - Biographical entry - Plarr's Lives of the Fellows Online

    In 1943, he was commissioned as a Surgical Specialist in the RAMC, joining the 724 Parachute Field Ambulance, and was part of the mobile surgical unit that was dropped into Normandy on D-day with the 3rd Parachute Regiment - the Red Devils. He served with this unit throughout all the fighting across France and Belgium. A few days before the airborne landing at Arnhem he injured his leg in an accident, so was unable to take part in that famous action - the officer who replaced him was killed. At the conclusion of the war, he went out to the Far East and took part in the relief of Hong Kong and of the notorious Changi Jail. Throughout his life he always cherished his link with the Red Devils.

    I am sure others with Para knowledge will be along to help out

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    Ian JACKSON | Deceased Estates | The Gazette
    Deceased Estates
    Details of the deceased
    Claim expires:17 January 2003
    Surname:JACKSONFirst name:IanMiddle name(s):McGilchrist
    Date of death:24 June 2002
    Person address details:23 Springfield Road, St Johns Wood, London NW8 0QJ. Gynaecologist (Retired).

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    724 PFA doesn't show up in searches. In case of a typo I checked out 224 PFA which belonged to the 3rd Brigade of the 6th Airborne Divison. The only Jackson I can associate with them is a Private and not listed as RAMC who jumped from CN 275 during Tonga. Also 224 PFA didn't take part in Arnhem which involved the 1st Airborne Division.

    There are a couple of group photos with names for 224 PFA on Paradata but I don't see him listed there.

    224 Parachute Field Ambulance RAMC | ParaData

    Perhaps airborne medic would have a clue? A good suggestion as well from TD above regarding the 224 PFA book!

    Regards ...
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    Thanks all, this was pretty much what I had found so far 724 as a typo for 224 etc .
    Here is our man, this actually appeared in the Daily Mail a few years ago.
    Will try the book and service records tack.

    jackson.JPG [​IMG]
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    Sorry Tricky, should have made it clearer, I did find the bio but thats the only place his service is mentioned and it does not ring true.More to discover, thanks again
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