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    Can any POW or Signals experts give me more details on :

    Rank: Signalman
    Service No: 2329096
    Date of Death: 29/01/1944
    Age: 23
    Regiment/Service: Royal Corps of Signals 18th Div. Sigs.
    Grave Reference: 16. C. 12.
    Additional Information: Son of Herbert and Mildred Annie Humphreys, of South Carlton,
    Lincolnshire. Died POW at Changi, formerly of East Stoke.
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    Herbert Humphreys Sgmn attached to 18Div, captured at Fall of Singapore 15/02/42. He appears on the Royal Corps of Signals Roll as being shipped by train to Thailand to work on Burma Thailand Death Railway 24/4/43 as part of 'F' Force. Entry has been crossed out and 'D' (Died) 29/01/44 inserted. So whether he actually went to Thailand and then returned to Changi or was too sick to travel I am, at present, not sure. Still checking some other sources.



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    Still going through the entries but the 2nd one on FMP states; Date of death 29th Jan 1944, diagnosis, Beriberi - Malaria. Seems he served with 18 Div Signals. 1943 has him in Thailand at Kami Sonkrai POW Camp No 1
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    UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945
    Name: Herbert Humphreys
    Given Initials: H R
    Rank: Signalman
    Death Date: 29 Jan 1944
    Number: 2329096
    Birth Place: Lincoln
    Residence: Nottingham
    Regiment at Enlistment: Royal Corps of Signals
    Branch at Enlistment: Royal Corps of Signals
    Theatre of War: Malaya
    Regiment at Death: Royal Corps of Signals
    Branch at Death: Royal Corps of Signals

    Global, Find A Grave Index for Burials at Sea and other Select Burial Locations, 1300s-Current
    Name: Sgnlmn Herbert Reginald Humphreys
    Maiden Name:
    Death Date: 29 Jan 1944
    Cemetery: Kranji War Cemetery
    Burial or Cremation Place: Kranji, North West, Singapore
    Has Bio?: N

    In the new section of Ancestry they have the FE POW lists but you need to have Fold3 subscription to open and see the files - I dont have that subscription I'm afraid - I hope perhaps someone else has though

    UK, Allied Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    Name: Reginald Humphrey
    [Reginald Humphreys]
    Rank: PVT
    Military Date: 1939-1944
    Service Number: 2329096
    Death Date: 29 Jan 1944
    Source Description: 1656: Far East: Japanese Prisoner of War Records; Unreported Deaths of Allied Personnel

    Name: Herbert Reginald Humphreys
    Rank: Sgmn
    Military Date: 1939-1945
    Service Branch: A
    Service Number: 2329096
    Source Description: 1947: Prisoners of War, Far East: Malaya POW Camp, Name List, as of 1 November 1944; Volume II

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    Thanks all , looks like he survived F Force and succumbed back at Changi after F Force's return in Nov 43.
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    Just for the record Kami Songkurai was F Force Camp 3. Shimo Songkurai was Camp 1. These two camps were mainly Australian. British were mainly at Songkurai, Camp 2 or Changaraya, Camp 5.
    'F' Force were marched from Ban Pong to these Camps a distance of 300km. Death rate from this Force was 44% 3096 of the 7000 British and Australian POWs losing their lives.
    Of their return to Changi I take this quote which helps explain Herbert Humphrey's death:

    Our emaciated, cadaverous bodies were covered in rags, we were all barefooted with bandages covering our ulcers and we were almost all rotten with malaria and beri beri. … our own Black Jack Galleghan, the Iron Commander of the A.I.F. at Changi … was shocked to the point of silence and tears.

    [Stan Arneil, describing the return of F Force to Changi in December 1943, One Man's War, Sydney, Alterative Publishing, nd, 154.]
    (Home | The Anzac Portal)

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    Died Changi, original grave G-A-11

    Mike doc4457615.JPG
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