How do i find out about somebody: 7045793 Pte Albert Evans, MiD, 2 Glasgow Highlanders

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    Just to confirm that the original war diary has the MR as 175616 but 175816 was presumably meant, especially as they consolidate at 1782 the following day.
    It also ties in of course with the previous grave location of 177823.

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    I came across this newspaper article about Pt Evans in my grandfather’s war papers.

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  4. Absolutely fantastic, we knew there was a school involved somewhere in the "story" told by my nan. Just gotta find which one. Although looked on google maps for Edmund van Beveren sq and nothing comes up only statue of said person.
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    Tried to give a date to the newspaper article. One of the adverts is for the Coronation Ice Cavalcade at Murrayfield Ice Rink. A poster I found online gives this show as starting there on 13th or 15th July 1953 for a short season. Seems it toured the country as there are publicity shots online from its run in Manchester.

    Have you seen this blog written by Gary Brace about a journey he took retracing his fathers journey with the 2nd Glasgow Highlanders across NW Europe 1944-45. In this he mentions the actions at Ghent & says it is covered in a book he wrote about his fathers war.
    Eric: A Welshman in the Glasgow Highlanders by Gary Brace
    They visited Ghent, but did not find the memorial to Albert Evans, but as Gary's mother is Belgian he may have useful contacts.
    gary's blog
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    Thanks to the link to the blog, interesting and that's another book ordered - oddly I recently got hold of some letters to a different Welshman who joined the 2nd Glasgow Highlanders and was wounded and POW in September 44, be interesting to see the book and if it gives any indication they moved over together
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    Will be interesting to see if like Evans, the pow you found and/or Eric Brace also started out in the Royal Irish Fusiliers.
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    The man I'm looking into is Ernest Jones 14200866 who was GS Corps then 8th RWF before he moved to the Glasgow Highlanders, he was wounded 24/9/44 when he was shot breaking his arm
  9. Yes thanks for that, massaged him through his blogg
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    Finally got a photo of my nans brother Albert Evans. Not sure if this was taken when he was in the RIF or Highlanders
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    His cap badge is the Royal Irish Fusiliers.

    Nor sure what the patch on his arm is, but would expect it to be some form of formation, brigade, divison etc patch.

    The style of battledress jacket worn is the first design introduced in 1937 & used till early/mid war, which has a flap over the button holes. The style issued later in the war did not have this flap. There are many other diffs but this is the one I look for first.

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    Having an additional thought that the dark triangular patch he wears on his arm could be relevent to his training, eg used in regiment to show he is a trainee ? His uniform is certainly smart, so maybe sent to his mum during training.

    Only a thought though as I'm not an expert on badges or the RIF.
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    I'm sure its a Battalion flash, there is a BEF photo of a Bren and Boys gunner where they have the same flash - it gets listed as Border but I'm not sure it is, I think I've seen other examples
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    Thanks for this, have to say it has the look of battalion or lower formation flash.
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