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    Inventive Productions releases new Documentary film about American war hero, John “Bud” Hawk of Bremerton, Washington

    The documentary, “JOHN BUD HAWK – AMERICA’S HOMETOWN HERO” was directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker RJ McHatton.
    The film highlights the life and times of one of America’s remaining World War II recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor, John “Bud” Hawk.
    Hawk recently was the Grand Marshall at the Armed Forces Parade in downtown Bremerton, WA.

    Hawk earned national recognition, three Purple Hearts and the Medal of Honor for his incredible heroism in France in August 1944.

    He became known throughout the world as the “Human Aiming Target” because he used his body to help American tank destroyers blow up two German Tiger Tanks and was instrumental in capturing over 500 enemy soldiers...

    Hawk was presented his Medal of Honor by President Harry Truman in a giant celebration in Olympia WA before a crowd of over 10,000 people in 1946.
    Currently there are only 111 living recipients of the Medal of Honor, and only 36 from World War II.

    After the war, Hawk went back to high school and then graduated college at the University of Washington. Then he pursued a long career as teacher and school principal.

    Director RJ McHatton felt blessed to be able to capture the compelling story of this American hero. “Bud Hawk is a true American hero,” said McHatton. “Not only in war, but in his service as an educator, too. Bud Hawk is a real funny character. He is someone that John Wayne would have wanted to portray in a movie if he were alive today. The great thing about Bud Hawk is that he is really an average American who did extraordinary things in the moment. He did not hesitate to risk his life for his fellow soldiers and for his nation.”

    Inventive Productions intends to take this “HOMETOWN HERO” documentary film around to US military bases and schools all across America to help inspire people and to help raise money for Bud Hawk’s favorite charity, The Veterans’ Homes.

    Bud Hawk says “Every American veteran deserves to have a documentary made about their lives, too. Because so many vets are fading away. They need to do it now.”

    Director RJ McHatton said, “my goal with this Bud Hawk documentary is to inspire other Veterans to get their biography made into a documentary, too.”
    For more information about RJ McHatton, go to www.whiteknuckles.com
    For more information about Inventive Productions, go to www.inventiveproductions.com

    To receive a free PREVIEW copy of this “HOMETOWN HERO” documentary film, contact RJ McHatton at Inventive Productions via email at RJ@inventiveproductions.com or by calling 425-747-4538
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    Thanks Mike.

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    Every one who risced his life in war never mind if it is ww2 or ww1 is a hero.

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