HMS Warspite - Prussia Cove

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    After moving down to Cornwall last year I found out that HMS Warspite on her way to the breakers yard beached herself at Prussia Cove. Anyone got any more on this? What happened.

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    She had survived Jutland, the many horrors of the Second World War, and post-World War I RN cuts, and in 1947 Warspite would achieve one more victory when she escaped the indignity of the breakers' yard. After already experiencing trouble on the journey to the breakers due to a storm, she broke free of her anchor, subsequently running hard aground in Prussia Cove. It was a defiant end to her career, and Warspite had to be scrapped in situ over the next few years. The ship that 'refused to die', finally met her lamentable end, when breaking work was completed in 1950. Warspite had gained the affections of some of the most famous figures in the UK, including some of the most revered Royal Navy commanders in its history, Sir Andrew Cunningham in particular, and became a legend, her name becoming synonymous with majesty and courage. She was arguably the greatest battleship the Royal Navy ever possessed.
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    Warspite on the rocks in Prussia Cove. Photo: Goodman Collection.
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