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    This thread is going to contain everything I find out about HMS Elfreda, which is the ship that my grandfather served on between 4th November 1943 and 4th May 1945. I would be very grateful if you knowledgable people would comment on/explain anything I find out, as I am very new to this.

    She began life as HMS Elfreda (BAM 16) on 7/9/1942 in the U.S. but was renamed, reclassified and launched as USS Overseer (AM321) in Jan 1943. In June 1943 she reverted back to her original name and class.

    On 22nd Dec 1943 she was completed, delivered and transferred to Great Britain as HMS Elfreda (J.402), a Catherine Class Minesweeper. She had a crew of 105.

    She was struck from the Naval Register in Dec 1946, returned to the U.S. in June 1947, sold to Turkey in Nov 1947 and renamed TCG Cesme (M505). In 1974 she was struck from the Turkish Navy List and her fate is sadly unknown.

    Commander between 21st Dec1943 - 21st Sep 1946 was T/A/Lt.Cdr. Leonard Jolly, RNVR.

    Other crew:
    Charles E. Phillips - On board 10/2/1944-15/03/1944
    Ken Worthy - A Sonar Operator on board 20/4/1944-25/11/44
    My Grandfather, William Gedge - an Ordinary Telegrapher.

    Attached is her movement log for 1944-1945. Any explanations and comments on this would be gratefully received.
    View attachment Elfreda movement sheets.pdf

    I have also ordered the log for April, May, June & July of 1944 from the National Archives (Very expensive!!)

    I have also attached a picture of her between 1947-1974, when she was in the Turkish Navy - I don't know if there would have been many changes made to her.
    Elfreda (1947-1974).jpg
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    Hi Claire ,

    My father also served on HMS Elfreda , he was Jasper Joseph Moody and CMX97262 , Leading Wireman , I have been trying to find out more about the ship , his mates and also why he was mentioned in dispatches in the London Gazette 7th Dec 1945 page 6004 but I still don't know what for and sadly he has passed away now
    Any information would be most welcome

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    Thanks TD , I ordered one today off eBay and have added my fathers details on

    Photos of the ship are like hens teeth , I have managed to find 3 on the web

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    Yes I was having a look at Google images, but as you will know not every one is of the subject you want.

    Happy hunting
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    My father HORACE PRING was on HMS elfreda I don't know much other than he said they had mineswept ARROMANCHES during the war

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    I have the bell from the HMS Elfreda if you interested email me dave (at)

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    Dave - not a good idea to give your email address out like that on a public forum - bet to replace @ with the word AT

    Will see if mods can change it

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    My father Harry Wedgbury served on HMS Elfreda and the family has a few photos of the ship and some crewe members, names of crewe members not known.

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