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    My Grandfather was a survivor of the sinking of HMS Bedouin on 15th June 1942. Like 209 others, he was then a POW until the end of the War. At the time the Bedouin was taking part in Operation Harpoon and was part of the escort for Kentucky, Chant, Troilus, Orari and Burdwan taking supplies to Malta.

    In July 2019 I made a long awaited trip to Malta, my first ever, and visited St Paul's Pro Cathedral which has listed on Memorial boards the names of the ships which took part in the Malta Convoys. I was looking forward to seeing my Grandfather's ship there-imagine my disappointment when it was not, especially when other ships of the same convoy were.
    Those mentioned above, as well as Partridge, Welshman and Liverpool are listed. Kentucky, Chant and Burdwan even sank the same day as Bedouin.
    I have written to request that Bedouin's name is added, but have been met with a lukewarm response.
    If anyone has a father/grandfather who served on HMS Bedouin, especially when it was sunk, please can you send me their names and service number if possible to strengthen my case. Thank you.
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