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    Royal Navy Orgnisation in World War 2, 1939-1945

    In 1939 the major facilities in the command were:

    Rosyth Dockyard
    HMS Caledonia - Artificer training establishment, Rosyth
    HMS Cochrane - Base at Rosyth

    Major subordinate commands were:
    HMS Flora - Invergordon
    HMS Bacchante - Aberdeen
    HMS Claverhouse - Leith
    HMS Calliope - Tyne

    I would guess a message to member Hugh McLean might be a good idea


    Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR) Officers 1939-1945 -- H
    (04.)1944 HMS Bacchante (RN base, Aberdeen) (for Peterhead Naval Base)

    Must have been some base
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    Some places on the web state it was in the station hotel in Aberdeen, however one statement from a serving person was "I was sent to Aberdeen where the Admiral was and different offices were names after ships ~ my office was called HMS Bacchante. I was billeted in The Station Hotel and worked in the stores at the docks, issuing clothing and food for the ships"

    This suggests Bacchante may have been several buildings around the harbour.
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    This was not uncommon during WW1 and WW2 with RN shore establishments. They functioned as accounting bases for the fleet. For example in the post above the person mentions being 'billeted in The Station Hotel and issued stores at the docks, issuing clothing and food for the ships'. That would be only one function, the sailors pay would be handled from there too and also probably details of being 'lent' to sea. So yes, HMS BACCHANTE was the collective name for the Aberdeen RN base but it housed many sub offices. It was not always necessary for those sub offices to be in Aberdeen.

    HMS BACCHANTE was situated in the Station Hotel Aberdeen.
    (Ben Warlow RN "Shore Establishments of the Royal Navy")

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    Thanks Hugh
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    Had an idea, if I go to valuation rolls in the city Library, it will details what buildings were requisitioned by the RN perhaps.

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