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    Hello all,

    As an offshoot of collecting militaria years ago I became interested in vintage watches. My first was a 1940s Helvetia and since I couldn't find much about them on the web I started my own research.

    15 or so years later I've decided to dump it all on the web and created a site dedicated to Helvetia.

    They are an interesting brand, started producing their own brand of shock resistant and 'waterproof' watches from 1930, one of the very earliest to do so and were sold under the 'Aero' and 'Aeroplane' name in the UK as pilots watches in the 30s.


    Their larger 'Flieger' type pilots watches were also very popular in Germany and many wartime crews used them as well as being a supplier of watches to the Wermacht.


    Please have a look I hope you find it interesting.


    Thanks. Carl.
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    Very nice watches, Carl. Not a brand I was familiar with.

    I'd given up wearing watches years ago then I saw this little beauty and just had to have it!
    Hanhart Replika Chronograph 1939

    ..and, since I had the pilots watch, I thought I better get the navigators...
    Laco replica B-Uhr

    Now I have my sights on either a CWC '70s RAF pilots or G10 general issue, or a Benrus Sky Chief (which are as rare as hen's teeth and a bit pricy)
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    I love that Sky Chief. Can't quite afford one of those but I do have a 1940s Cyma.

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