Help with tracing a missing member “GIACOMO VIETA”

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  1. ArmyBoyandMan

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    Please could anyone help me trace an old WW2 Talk member who hasn’t logged onto the site for quite a while and seems to be un-traceable his name is “GIACOMO VIETA” who asked in his message if anyone could help him with information about historical reconstruction of his Village (Forno Canavese, near Turin, Italy) in the period from September 8, 1943 to April 25 1945 he also wanted to know more about Escaped POW Donald Russell, who was shot in Forno on December 9, 1943, My father John Grasby East Yorks was also an Escaped POW and the same time and Witnessed his Tragic Shooting and was also a War Crime Witness

    Please ask him to Logon to WW2 Talk and go to this thread Missing POW East Yorks page 2

    Missing & POW East Yorks Reg. 1942
  2. Owen

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    You could "start a conversation" with Giacomo Vieta & they should/might* get an email notification .

    *Depending on the settings the opted for.

    They were last on the forum July 29 2020.
    Maybe they are on holiday without internet.
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  3. ArmyBoyandMan

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    Thanks Owen I will try that, you said "they" I thought it was one Person and do you Know what Tread he or they were on in 2020 Thans again for the message
  4. Owen

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    I have no idea what thread he last read .

    I put "They" as I was unsure of their gender & have only just looked up Giacomo & see it is a man's name.
  5. ArmyBoyandMan

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    Ok cheers for the Advice

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