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    Hi Steve, I have already emailed them wanting to know why some of the information has been redacted. When I get a reply I will ask them about after 1942.

    Another strange thing is that I have the Africa Star in with his other medals and as far as I can tell from the records he never went there.
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    Bumping as I screwed up the portal listing...
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    Hi Bobby

    I'm struggling to read the BEF units (apart from 65 Med Art) when he was with the BEF. Can you list the units and dates and I'll look and see if I have the diaries. Things didn't get exciting in France until 10th May.

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    Drew find close up image below

    Also have heard back from Army Records, they say they have sent me all that they have so there seems to be a gap post 1942 -1946?

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    Salient points:

    Attested : 28/12/39 (joined)
    Feb 40 B.E.F -British Expeditionary Force
    30/4/40 - Mustered as Driver/mechanic
    30/5/40 Trade tested as Driver/Mech II
    2/12/40 Posted to 15 Motor Coach Company
    11/1/42 mustered as Fitter Group A class III changed to Private.
    from Driver/Mech to Fitter Group A class III was a doubling of pay apparently - from 7 shillings per sennight (week) to 14 shillings!

    B.E.F - 107 days - 11/2/40 - 28/5/40 this occurrence under service to count as British or Indian Service - S/R TA MT(Supplementary Reserve TA Motor Transport)
    65th Medium Regiment RA III Corp (Lt Gen Sir RF Adams)

    North West Europe 18/10/44 - 20/12/45. 21 Army Group 530 Coy - 64 days

    Discharge records - to REME!

    Defence Medal
    1939 - 1943 Star - as written! Part II order (46) 6/44 - 530 Coy
    France and Germany Star (RASC)

    RASC TA 528/529 and 530 Company 52 Lowland, Yorkhill Parade, Glasgow. Moved Now 221 Tpt Sqn RLC (V) History (530 Coy)at this site.

    1939 - 528/29/30 Coys' TA Centre

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  7. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    I've just checked the 1940 Diary and its not very detailed about the embarkation to the UK. It just states that some of the regiment was lifted off the beaches north of Dunkirk and some were taken off the Mole.

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