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    I have a copy of a photograph which the owner cannot identify. It was with a collection from the current owners uncle Sgt Burston a bricklayer from Malvern Worcs. who served in 266 Bty 67th Field Regt during WW2.
    The men seem to be with African muleteers wearing tropical uniforms with slouch hats. Sgt Burston was not known to have been in Africa having returned home he remained with the Regt which became 267 SP Regt RA for several years.
    At least one man from the Regt who was medically downgraded due to a road accident during training early in the war, went to the second line 119 Field Regt the sister Regt to the 67th. In 1943/44 he was sent to West Africa to train African Gunners who were posted to Burma but could not go due to his medical downgrade. West Africa was apparently not classed as a theatre of combat.
    It is a very poor print and a bit out of focus but perhaps someone might see enough to recognise who they might be.

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