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  1. Ray Dobson

    Ray Dobson New Member

    I have recently received my father’s records but like most others have no idea what the abbreviation are.
    I know he served in Egypt, India and Italy where he lost his leg.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.
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  2. gmyles

    gmyles Senior Member


    EMB = Embarked
    DISEMB = Disembarked
    RE-EMB = Re-Embarked
    TOS - Taken onto Strength (conversely SOS is Struck Off Strength)
    ME = Middle East
    335/101 - Wild Guess is Battery and Regiment numbers.
    CAA is probably Command (or maybe Coastal), Anti Aircraft.Which is Royal Artillery.

    Hope this helps

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  3. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Could CAA be LAA fo Light Anti-Aircraft (335 Bty / 101 Regt or vice-versa)?
  4. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member

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  5. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Durban was the stopover point many convoys and troopships headed east.
  6. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member


    I was thinking the same but to be sure checked Winston Specials website. If he was on WS26 I think it more likely he disembarked in Capetown per the dates quoted.

  7. Ray Dobson

    Ray Dobson New Member

    Thank you all for your very speedy reply.
    My father entlisted and was posted to The 12th batallion King's Regiment, Formby, later being transferd to The Queens Regiment.
    I have taken your suggestions onboard and am learning so much from them.

    Thank you
  8. timuk

    timuk Well-Known Member

    Almost certainly 335 Battery 101st LAA Regiment as this was formed from 12th Battalion King's Regiment.

    Royal Artillery 1939-45

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