Help! U.S 550th AAA AW BN Battery D

Discussion in 'US Units' started by cpl epas, Mar 6, 2018.

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    Hello, ive been looking for years and i cant seem to find anything more than what my grandfather brought home with him from the war. Mostly trying to find an after action report, but anything any one has will be greatly appreciated. He was part of pattons us third army, basic training at camp edwards mass. ETO 1942-1945.
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    Can I suggest you register with our sister forum which is more US based for WW2, and therefore more likely to be able to answer your questions - the link to them is -

    This site is more based on the British & Commonwealth side of WW2

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    hi td yes i have registered with them, just trying to cover all my baces as ive had no luck so far..
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    They should have landed on Utah Beach, Normandy as part of 207 AAA Group. This was a reinforcement group for the defence of the maintenance area inland of the beaches. They were scheduled to land on June 18.

    Others have also found it difficult to research these AAA units and after action reports etc. may not have survived.

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