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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by GnrGnr, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. GnrGnr

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    My subject's record has him in "8th Army Signals" no further detail from May 43 - Sep 45. I can't find any war diaries with that unit title or similar. Is this indicating "a signals unit within 8th Army" or 8th Army HQ signals or what?

    A later unit in BAOR from Oct 45 to Mar 46 is recorded as what looks like B Corps R Sigs.jpg B Signals, again no detail and no clues elsewhere in the record. I've posted the snippet from the 103..

    Don't need anything ls, a steer towards the diaries would be great.

    Andy - if watching, top of the list if the enquirer needs copying!

  2. idler

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    Starting at the back, it'll be 8 Corps, almost certainly the signals unit serving the HQ. Not sure how that would've been organised to clarify the possible 'B Sigs', unless it's a badly written 'R'.

    Given the level he was at, it's likely his time with 8 Army Signals was with the HQ, not any old unit in 8 Army.
  3. GnrGnr

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    8 Corps does it for me (Specsavers beckons) - diaries found. I think in the context of te enquiry, the latter part is not important, it could well be R Sigs as you suggest.

    Thank you for that.

    I did try HQ 8th Army and noted a file on the transformation of HW 8th Army into HQ Western Desert in 1941 but can't get anywhere with that either.
  4. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    From 3 Sep 45 – 3 Sub Unit of 53 Reinforcement Holding Unit was in Lauder Kaserne later Catterick Barracks Bielefeld a transit camp – then on to 8 Corps District Signals

    You find some details here on my website (under construction)
  5. GnrGnr

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    Super Historic Steve. Thank you very much for that, I see the D now before Sigs. Presumably the two diaries WO 171/4040 and /8688 will cover the period of interest??

    Thanks too for direction to the web site which I shall remember for other purposes.

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  6. GnrGnr

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    Just "8th Army Signals" to find!

  7. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    No more input here thank you all - I'll start a specifically titled thread in the hope of better catching the eye.

  8. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Correct Max, I have G Branch 8 Corps/8 Corps District WDs/Historical Records on file but not Signals
  9. GnrGnr

    GnrGnr Well-Known Member

    Again thanks for the confirmation, I am chasing the loose end on another thread now having passed on the detail to the chap's relative.


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