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    Looking for more details on a 'Edward Ernest Mereday' born 21-6-1915.
    Enlisted in 1937? to the Essex Regiment, then in 1940 to the Royal Tank Regiment. Have a number:- 6010212 (dont no if this is his number for either of the above regiments). Having difficulty finding information on him, the change from one regiment to the next etc..
    As far as we are aware he was involved in the Last Seige of Calais. I would be very greatful of any help on information, websites etc.. that will enable me with my search. Thankyou
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    Welcome to the forum.
    That army number fits in the block for Essex Regt.
    He'd keep it no matter what regt he was in.

    Essex Regiment 5998001 - 6076000

    I'll ask Drew if he has war diary for RTR at Calais, there might be a mention on your man.

    PS I've edited thread title as it was rather vague.
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    Thankyou any information/help you can give. Im am very grateful.
    His Date of birth is july not june.
    Have since found out he held a tank driving license....
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    It was NOT unusual for an Infantry battalion to be converted to Tanks in both the rtr and the rac - as my own 145th regt rac - came from the 8th Battalion of the Duke of wellingtons - 146th from the 9th battalion - 142nd from the Suffolks - 51st rtr from the Leed rifles etc - there were many converted to Tanks- sso check the war diaries of the Essex rent

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    You require his service records which are available from MOD Glasgow, they cost around £30.00 and take 6-9 months to get them.

    Post all available info you have and the members will help to resolve your request
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