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    Hi to everybody,

    I'm involved in a discussion over the *real* amount of supplies of all sorts - the whole seaborne/airborne payload - received by 8th Army through 1942 and 1943 (focusing on summer 1942 in particular).

    It is an established fact that the Axis would get an average 60-65,000 tons per month through the entire desert war. 8th Army supply figures, both the monthly average and the full total for the years 1942 and 1943, appear instead to be more controversial. I've seen average deliveries ten times as large as the Axis's, but others flatly reject those numbers and argue that the Axis : Commonwealth supply ratio was far less massively tilted in favor of the latter.

    I apologize if the subject has already been dealt with earlier - in which case, I'll be glad if someone points me to the thread. If anyone reading this post can provide figures and/or sources, I'll be thankful.


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