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Discussion in 'Canadian' started by BrayDunes, Jan 15, 2019.

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    Hi everyone, need help identifying who this fella belongs to. Picture taken in 1941 near Woking. I believe it’s the 8th Field Brigade, RCA? Sound right?
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    8th Field Regiment

    I believe they were called Field Brigades up to 1939 and Regiments after 1940. The 8th (Self-Propelled) was from Hamilton and served in Italy and NW Europe with the Cdn 5th Armoured Division.
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    In case you've not made the connection, 113 Bty and 71 Bty of 8 Fd Regt RCA were raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and Brandon, Manitoba respectively. If I've got my administrative history correct, on arrival overseas they had been combined to form 71st/113th Fd Bty, then split again c. Jan 1941, with 71 Bty remaining with 8 Fd Regt and 113 Bty moving to 7 A/Tk Regt.

    71 Bty might be the best candidate?
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