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  1. Leo Rew-Smith

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    Hi I am new to this site and very new to forums... in as much as this is the first thing I have written on one, ever.
    So please forgive me if I bugger it up.
    So I have always been interested, no, fascinated with WW2 in particular as it is so recent in history and so relevant to our lives. But also as my grandparents (who are unfortunately no longer with us) had such varied and interesting roles within the War.
    I am now of an age where I still very much hold dear the romantic and adventurous stories told to me years ago by my grandparents, but now I have a new thirst for information. I want to find out as much as I can about their moments through the war, and also share my collection of items and photographs I have inherited that hopefully will add to the ever growing jigsaw and hopefully some of you will find the bits I have of interest - but first and foremost - I don’t really know where to start in gathering or sharing information?? I really need to know how to use this forum correctly and make sure I post stuff in the right places!? HELP!!
    Sorry for waffling!!! Haha!
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  2. CL1

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    Welcome to the forum Leo

    stick in this section first and mods can move if required

    or here if you have their service records
    Service Records

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  3. Leo Rew-Smith

    Leo Rew-Smith New Member

    Thanks Clive!
  4. bamboo43

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    Welcome aboard Leo.
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  5. Leo Rew-Smith

    Leo Rew-Smith New Member

    Thank you! Do you know where I should start posting photographs I have etc? My grandad was in the ERY and I have a fair few photographs of Europe and various men he served with.
  6. 4jonboy

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    Hello and welcome to the forum Leo.
    Don't worry about making a bugger of it; we've nearly all been there. (Anyway it will give Owen something to do if you post stuff in the wrong place-no doubt he will be along soon to reply to my comment:-P)

  7. Pat Atkins

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    Welcome to the Forum, Leo.

  8. 51highland

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    Welcome and enjoy.!!!

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