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    I'm a former member of 7 Royal Anglian and my grandfather served in 1st Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment 1925 - 1928 then again in 4th Battalion HQ company 1939-1945. Serving in Norway, Iceland and Northwest Europe. FB_IMG_1481767229589.jpg
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    Welcome to the Forum from a fellow 'Yellowbelly': brought up in the Spalding area.

    The 4th Lincs served in 49Div (as I'm sure you know) and alongside my late fathers Regiment - 24th Lancers - in lovely (sic) places such as Tessel Wood in Normandy.
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    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome aboard.
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    Hi Polarbear and welcome from a son of a 7 Lincoln/converted to R.A.

    What's his name, so I can give you a copy of his name in the Lincoln's Nominal Roll.
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    Hi, his name is Albert Buxton 4797708. Thankyou
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    welcome from another Yellowbelly! I went RAF instead of Royal Anglian but ended up attached to 1st and 2nd Bttns over the years
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    Welcome to the forum!
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  10. ramacal

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    Service Number: 4797708
    Albert BUXTON
    Date of Attestation: 6/11/1925
    Place of Attestation: Lincoln
    Age joined: 19 and a half.
    Trade: Mouder
    Father's name: T Buxton of Lincoln
    Class Z Release 9/12/1945

    Between 1939-45, served in UK, Norway, Iceland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany.

    A well worn nominal roll book (Regi 3-06), from the Lincoln Archives:-

    P1280818 (Large).JPG
    Page 125 of the Roll:-

    125 (Large).JPG

    The man in the book before Albert, served in my Dad's units (7 Lincolns/102 LAA Regiment)

    125 - Copy (2).JPG

    125A --.JPG
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  11. polarbear

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    That's fantastic thank you.

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