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    Good eaving all ,

    let me introduce myself

    My name is Samuel Roberts, I live in Kent and i have a passion for researching and collecting militaria .

    I have not served in the military myself but I have a lot of military history in my family .

    My grandfather serverd in the Essex regiment, 21st army HQ part of the BAOR as a batman in 1945 till 1948 . He also had a childhood friend who served in the paras during the war .

    He had several brothers who serverd in the army and navy during the Second World War and luckily they all survived . One was in the RA in India, one was in the infantry in Italy and the outher two both served in the navy . One was on the Atlantic convoys, the outher, was on the Russian convoys .

    Also my father's uncle was a Chindit in Burma, and my grandfathers cousin Sunny, was a Lancaster pilot .

    So as I say, quite a lot of military history and that's just on my father's side !

    I look forward to using this wonderful website as a key tool in my research .

    Many thanks for taking me on board.

    Kind regards Sam
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    Hi Sam and welcome aboard.

    You've got plenty there to be getting on with, good luck going forward.
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    welcome to the forum
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    Thanks awfully
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    Many thanks !
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    Welcome to the forum!

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