Hawker Hurricane final battles.

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  1. Adam Cotton

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for information on the last operational sorties of the Hawker Hurricane. I'm guessing these were flown in India/Burma against the Japanese in 1945, but if anyone has any specific information I'd be really pleased to hear from you.

    The reason I ask for your help is that I'm currently writing my second book, and it's on the Hurricane and Sea Hurricane. I've already consulted my own books, but thus far have found very little on the Hurricane's combat career after 1944.

    Many thanks in advance for your help. I know there are a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum!
  2. Orwell1984

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    The last RAF Squadron to fly the Hurricane operationally was No 6 Squadron (the Flying Tin Openers) They were still flying it in its Mark IV version at the end of the war in the Balkans as part of the Balkan Air Force.
    No. 6 Squadron RAF - Wikipedia
    1939 – 1945

    JITTER PARTY Well-Known Member

    Several RAF and RIAF Squadrons continued to fly Hurricanes, Mark II and Mark IV, in Burma up to, and after, the end of the War Against Japan. For example, 28 Sqn RAF crashed a IIC in Burma on 01/09/45, the day before the official end of the war.
    You would need to do a detailed check of the records to find the last operational sortie, but I would start with 28 Sqn.
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  4. Adam Cotton

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    Many thanks - I'll dig deeper into this.
  5. Adam Cotton

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    Many thanks - I'll check the ORB of 28 Sqn for the period.
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  6. Jagan

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    Adam, I have researched and built a database of all Hurricane Losses in the far east. (received some help from other RAFCommand members) Nearly 1200 + at RAF SEAC Aircraft Losses - (The total says 1273.. but these include some damaged but repaired)

    The losses towards the end of operations (June - August 45) are here RAF SEAC Aircraft Losses -

    There were atleast five additional losses in 1946
    RAF SEAC Aircraft Losses -

    The last write off is of Fg Offr Duggie King-Lee of the RIAF - who later went on to become an Air Marshal in the Indian Air Force - and is still doing well in Bangalore. He wrote that the Hurricane that he pranged was a clapped out aircraft that No.9 Squadron took over temporarily for these exercises.

    To see if No.6 RAF sqn in palestine had any losses, it might be worth referring to Colin Cummings book on RAF losses for 1946-40. But i cannot recall any at the top of my mind.

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  7. Adam Cotton

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    Huge thanks - just the sort of information I'm after!
  8. Adam Cotton

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    This brilliant stuff - thanks so much!
  9. Dave55

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    Any similar info on Kittyhawks?
  10. Jagan

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    Apparently very few served in SEAC so outside of my main interest :)

    but i have similar lists for Thunderbolts, Vengeances, Spitfires etc for the far east.. all in the above section!

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