Has anyone ever heard of the 4334th Quartermaster Service Company?

Discussion in 'US Units' started by bowlfreak_not, Jun 24, 2020.

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    I have copies of my grandfather's WWII separation qualification record and certificate of service but haven't had any luck finding out more about the units listed on them. His certificate of service lists D Battery 117th Anti Aircraft Artillery Gun Battalion (MBL) for his organization. The separation qualification record just has a paragraph description saying he was the commanding officer of the 4334th quartermaster service company at Base M, Luzon P.I. It does list his job assignments and the last one is Intelligence Staff Officer. If anyone knows anything about either of these units or can help direct me to more information, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if it would help I can post the actual pictures of grandpa's documents, please just let me know. Thank you.
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    It should not be hard to post the pictures. Use the "upload a file" option to the lower right of where you type. You can then just post, and the image will be after the text of the post as an attachment. Or you can click on one of the buttons to make it "inline", that is, positioned with the text.

    Just... maybe don't post extremely large images as inline at full size :D
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    Here are the two documents so anyone might be able to see where it says the thing about the 4334th Quartermaster in Luzon, P.I. Could his papers have been wrong? I know from what he and family members have said that he was originally sent to Italy but almost immediately on arriving there developed meningitis and couldn't continue with his unit. He was very, very ill, but once he recovered, they sent him to "school". It was when he graduated that the opportunity apparently came up to head out to the Pacific front. Would it make a difference that his unit would have been an African-American unit?

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