Harrie Albert Winham, 363 fighter group, 382 Fighter squadron, US Army Air Force

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    Can anyone shed an information on this guy, Harrie (or Harry) Albert Winham, he crashed on July 25th 1944 just outside of Charleval and Fleury Sur Andelle, Eure France. I would like to know as much as I can, what happened on the day he died, his career etc. Can anyone help?

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    Tricky, thanks for that, that is fascinating. I am passing a copy of the EE report to an association that wiill be iinterested to hear about Thompson's plane. ANSA 39-45 research crashes, then carry archeological digs and anything found is sent to museums.

    They are the ones that found Winham's aircraft a couple of years ago.

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    Maybe you/they can inform us as to what happened to Thompsons plane, was it repaired/salvaged/scrapped?? - he believed it to be salvagable, but with bits of its wing missing, no prop and a crash landing to boot its condition would be .......... interesting to say the least

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    Harry Winham was my great-uncle. He went by the nickname "Happy". His brother Arthur was my great-grandfather and my father is Arthur J. Winham III.
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