Handmade Box made as POW in Stalag 4B

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    riter, perhaps he had been reading Beau Geste, or seen the film in 1939 a popular story at the time.
    Many soldiers went to the cinema in Tunis after the Afrika Corps was booted out.
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    Thank you all very much for your amazing replies, i never thought i would have such a amazing response from this community, im very grateful.
    I also have a Swastika arm band he took off a fallen german soldier, if anyone would like to see it i will send the pictures.
  3. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target Mist over Dartmoor

    Could be of interest but might attract the wrong kind of viewer who drool over them..
    Armbands were worn by most Germans in uniform from Hitler youth to Politicians.
    Cant recall seeing any worn in Battle.

    German Gendarme (Policeman) 1937.
    German Gendarme.jpg
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    German police uniforms were generally gray and a short shako type hat.
  5. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target Mist over Dartmoor

    The German Gendarme was photographed in Zweibrucken, Germany in June 1937. It comes from an album of a cycle tour.
    It was not a commercial photo from a publication.

    Cycle tour of Germany 1937.jpg Page 28 Gendarme and Graham.jpg
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