Halifax Crew crash near Colchester 25th February 1943

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    YouTube presentation of the unveiling in the link below. Please read about the history of the music I've used for this.

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    Excellent video Stan. I hope to get over there to see this superb memorial very soon. Many thanks indeed. A wonderful job well done.
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    I can confirm Charles Henry Bray, 516576, RAF 102 Squadron, Pilot of DT800, Halifax. His brother, Frank William was my father, (Royal West Kents) and Alex was indeed also in the RAF. I also have a copy of the photograph of Charles shown elsewhere on this site. My wife and I visited the crash site, churchyard and church, ST Catherines in Ringshall. I believe the pond at Badliss Hall Farm is where the Halifax came down. Icing up problems were quoted by my father. Charles was married with two girls and his widow moved to Tasmania, New Zealand.
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    John, I know Simon has been in touch with you but if you want more information let either of us know. We do have some letters Alex / Alec wrote in the 1990's to the land owners after a visit he did back then. Either ask Simon or PM me on here.
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    Newspaper report about the unveiling here:

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    Seems Henry's mothers maiden name was also Batson, nearest relative was his aunt, Mollie Jones and the Notary was Mary BATSON - pretty influential family it would seem.
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    There is a brief write up in the Birdingbury (Warwickshire) December edition newsletter about relatives of Thomas Barfoots visit to the unveiling.

    Thomas Barfoot was just a 19 year old when he died in the crash in 1943.

    The link below takes you to the December edition and you need to obviously click on Dec 2018 in the menu. Then scroll down to page 7.

    Birdsong – Village Newsletter | Welcome to Birdingbury

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    As we approach the anniversary of 25th February, we note and remember seven men who lost their lives in Ardleigh on that date all those years back. One crew amongst many who never grew old.

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