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    Two entries in a Gunner's record have me foxed.

    His attestation record has the note "disch para 234 (ii)" followed by a 1953 date. He went on the Z(T) reserve in 1946. He was not yet 45. I am completely clear on that, it is just the para 234(ii) I'd appreciate help with.

    In his AB 64, he is recorded as re-mustering (from driver) in the trade of as Gnr/OFC .(Group D class II) Everything there is clear except the OFC

    Both are completely clear, no mis-interpretation possible. Most grateful for translations please.


    PS Full record has been applied for.
  2. Charley Fortnum

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    OFC: have seen this stand for Operator Fire Control with respect to the R.A.

    Here, for instance:
    Operator Fire Control
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    In relation to your first query you'll likely need to have sight of the "Army Rule Book" - Kings/Queens Regulations.

    There is a downloadable copy of the current QR in this link. You may even find that your quoted sub section is in the current QR's. If not you need to source an early 1950's version.

    It may help you to attract an expert if you amend your topic title to "1953 Kings/Queens Regulations" query.

    Good Luck


    Queen's Regulations for the Army and the Royal Navy - a Freedom of Information request to Ministry of Defence
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    Bang on Charley with Operator Fire Control. It also accords with dbf's List of Abbreviations in the Resource Section Updated Resource - Abbreviations & Acronyms
    As for para 234(ii) Steve is quite correct that this is a reference to King's Regulations giving the reason for discharge. Unfortunately this paragraph altered a lot from one edition to another. You will have to find a copy of the nearest one to 1953 which I suspect is 1950.

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    Splendid, thanks to all three of you. I shall re-post for the earlier KRs as advised, the current QRs are very different to earlier versions - Jointery!)


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