Guadalcanal as a British Protectorate

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    Dedication date of monument set

    Wednesday, 01 June 2011 10:23

    The dedication of the monument to honour the local scouts and coast watchers will be held on Sunday 7th August.

    That’s according to ‘The Monument’, a newsletter for local scouts and coast-watchers which was released recently.

    “The dedication of the monuments, the Board of Trustees has decided, will take place immediately following the annual memorial service held at 0700 hours each 7th August to mark the occasion of the landing of the Marines on Guadalcanal in 1942,” the newsletter said.

    The monument in a form of sculpture will instill pride in the minds of Solomon Islanders of what their forefathers did during the battle of the Solomon’s and more so on Guadalcanal during World War 2, the newsletter said.

    “The 7th August, being a Sunday, will enable many of the population to be involved. It is the children and youth, who now comprise 40 percent of the population, who will be involved in the dedication.

    “The knowledge of the heroism, loyalty and courage of their grandfathers as the years pass by,” the newsletter said.

    Given the difficulty of obtaining a comprehensive and correct list all Solomon Scouts, a list of those serving Solomon Scouts and Coastwatchers will not be placed on the Monument itself but will be located off site in the National Museum, it was highlighted.

    A more durable plaque, resistant to vandalism will be placed on the sides of the plinth honouring the deeds of those who served.

    A ground breaking ceremony was held last week at the site to mark the beginning of construction work on the plinth of the monument.

    Mr Frank Haikui is working to finalise the statue - an extra figure has been added to balance the visual realism that the monument sculpture will project as it towers two meters on top of the plinth facing northwards to the waters of Iron Bottom sound at the end of Commonwealth St. Pt. Cruz Honiara.
    “This location was chosen as it is the point of entry and departure for thousands of Solomon’s islanders as they come in and return by sea to their home islands,” the newsletter said.

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    Monument to honor scouts and coastwatchers

    Friday, 27 May 2011 04:10

    [​IMG]Coming soon: Norman Palmer Haikiu (front) and Frank Haikiu pose with the sculpture they are working on to honour the services of coast watchers in Solomon Islands.

    A monument to honor Solomon Islanders who have worked as scouts and coastwatchers during the second world (WWII) will be erected at Point Cruz Commonwealth Street after a groundbreaking ceremony yesterday.

    The war memorial was designed and crafted by renowned local artist Frank Haikui.

    Former Speaker of Parliament Sir Peter Kenilorea officiated in the groundbreaking with other World War II Scouts Edward Lulumani, Thomas Titiulu, Alfred Alesasa Bisili, monument sculpture Frank Haikui plus Reginald Douglas from Dalgro which marks the commencement of the construction of the monument.

    The monument is expected to be completed by August 7 to coincide with the annual memorial service to mark the occasion of the landing of the marines on Guadalcanal in 1942.

    The total cost of the project is $400, 000.00 but the committee is making appeal to assist the project through completion by August 7.

    Bruce Saunders who heads the project said the statue would bring pride to the nation in honoring Solomon Islands scouts and coastwatcher during WWII.

    “We want Solomon islanders to understand and support the monument that is a pride to the nation.

    “We hope the memorial will ensure the history and stories of Solomon Islands war heroes are not forgotten,” he said.

    Mr Saunders said the longer-term plans of the project are to incorporate the stories of the Coastwatchers and Scouts into Solomon Islands educational history curriculum.

    The Solomon Island Coastwatchers and Scouts observed and reported on the movement of the Japanese during World War II.

    There is no doubt that the success of the Solomon Island campaign depended upon the bravery and tenacity of this dedicated group of people.

    As US Admiral ‘Bull’ Halsey, whose responsibility it was to win back the Solomon Islands after its capture by Japanese forces in 1942 said, “The Coastwatchers saved Guadalcanal and Guadalcanal saved the Pacific.”

    To date the Solomon Scouts and Coastwatchers have mostly gone unrecognised for their heroic efforts and with every passing year there are less surviving Scouts to tells there remarkable stories.

    The history and stories of these heroes are disappearing fast and need to be recorded for sharing with future generations.

    Former Speaker of Parliament Sir Peter said it is time the nation builds monuments to reflect on the works of our men during the WWII.

    The National Museum has agreed to host an exhibition following the dedication. This will include the Honour Roll, information and artifacts relevant to the heroic efforts of the Solomon Scouts and Coastwatchers.

    Part of this exhibition will be on show at the monument site on dedication day.

    The official unveiling of the monument will start with a parade including the Royal SI Police Force latest contingent who have adopted the name ‘Solomon Scouts and Coastwatchers intake’.

    In the afternoon, Commonwealth Street will be closed to traffic to allow Solomon Islanders to enjoy a ‘Choral Celebration’ co-ordinated by Reverend Mareta, - wonderful music fitting for such an occasion.

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    The 11 TH Bomb Group spent a lot of time in the Solomons, they were there in 1942 with the earliest campaigns. Several of their crews were shot down and lost during this time.

    I am in contact with some families who lost their loved ones during this time. The families always mention the Coastwatchers with great appreciation and respect.

    One of the families sent me this entry because it involved their families lost brother.

    I am also including photos of the 11 TH BGH at Henderson.

    The three Airmen were lost on that last mission of the 42 SQ. out of Henderson on 2/1/1943. Neither they or any of the three B-17s were recovered. They are Major Hall, Capt. Castro and Sgt. Stephens.

    I have included the entire page of the last mission out of Henderson by the 42 SQ. as well.

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    Planning to be back in the Solomon Islands for the 7 August service at the US Memorial, Sky Line Honiara.
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    The 11 TH Bomb Group Heavy and its' Squadrons are holding their Reunion on 12/7/2011 at Hickam this year.

    I have been told Hickam is anxious to show them a great time.

    As a son of a member of the original Unit my wife and I could attend, however right now with the price of fuel we will be fortunate to get to Ocean City Maryland this year let alone Hawaii.
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    Wednesday, 03 August 2011 10:04

    The preparation to officially open the war memorial monument site in Point Cruz area is currently underway with minor constructing before its final completion.
    Site supervisor Vishal Roy said the preparation for this monument status will be completed on Friday to allow preparation for the official opening on Sunday. “At the moment we are trying to properly set up the hut for the monument and later we would decorate it with some iron ornaments.”
    Mr Roy said this war memorial monument site will be raised higher facing seaside.
    This coming Sunday the national museum will host an exhibition and will include the honor roll, information and artifacts relevant to the heroic efforts of the Solomon Scouts and Coast watchers.
    The official unveiling of the monument will start with a parade including the Royal SI Police Force latest contingent who has adopted the name ‘Solomon Scouts and Coast watchers intake’.
    In the afternoon, Commonwealth Street will be closed to traffic to allow locals to enjoy a ‘Choral Celebration’ co-ordinate by Reverend Mareta, followed with some wonderful music.
    The occasion will witness by prominent people from the government including Prime Minister Danny Philip and Governor general Frank Kabui.
    Preparation for monument progresses

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