Grandfather WW2 RASC Burma - Help and suggestions!

Discussion in 'Service Records' started by Tikirocker, Apr 17, 2013.

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    Greetings all,

    I am hoping to obtain my Grandfathers service records for WW2. Little is known about his family as his parents died when he was very young and I am hoping his service records may have additional information about his parents and family. I already have his birth certificate and his parents names but I have stalled here. I obtained the marriage cert of my Grandparents which was lucky to have his WW2 service number and it states he was with the RASC as a Blacksmith ( Royal Army Service Corps - Transport ). I know he served in Burma and he returned home after the war.

    Is there any information that members here can help me with before I take the next step of contacting the MOD to obtain his full service records? Also, can anyone clarify if WW2 service records supply information about a soldiers parents and their own places of birth or residence? I can provide additional information if anyone here can help with lookups etc ... My father seems to recall that he may have been attached to the Royal Sussex Regiment (Shiny 9th). His name was Jim White.

    Greatly appreciate any help, suggestions and advice!

    Regards, Simon.
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    Simon, service records will list a next of kin but if he was married that would be his wife and children. If he wasn't married it may be just his Dad, or both his parents, or neither and maybe a sibling. Hard to say what he put down until you see it. They do list addresses and other info which can be helpful. Some records show parents, spouse, and kids, just depends on the situation - join as single, put down parents, marry during service, spouse gets added including maiden name, have kids while serving, they get added as well.

    Even if they do not have the specific info you are looking for they have great details on his military career that can be used for further detailed research such as unit war diaries etc.

    Well worth the £30 and 12 month wait.

    Also, you want to get next of kin FULL records (make a note on the application for FULL records) rather than General Inquirer records, they lack all personal info. Means you need Grandma (free if she can apply), Mum, or someone on the next-of-kin list to apply/sign off on the app. You're on it but maybe you're not the living person nearest the top.

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    Hi Simon,

    Your'e post persuaded me to have another look at my grandfather's records. I never noticed that included in the 8 pages of information was an address for my maternal great grandparents in Bishop Auckland, County Durham. My Nan had taken my Mum and her brother back to her family home during the London Blitz.

    Back to your point now, on Granddad's records there are three addresses. One for his family home in Kilburn, London, before he married my Nan, another for their new married address and then the Bishop Auckland address. So it is possible to gain the kind of information you are looking for.

    Wayne makes a very important point in regard to your application, ensure that your state that you require the full service records, otherwise they tend to omit or blank out the very information you seek.

    Good luck.

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