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    I'm new to this so apologies if I am in the wrong forum. Just let me know if I should post somewhere else.

    I am trying to investigate my Grandad's war record. I have received the my Grandad's service record from the Army Personnel Centre. I was not sure what I was expecting but there did not seem to be too much information.

    My Grandad was in the Royal Armoured Corps, 52nd Training Regiment and was stationed in India for just over three years between 1943 and 1946. This is confirmed by the service record. My Grandmother said my Grandad fought in Burma and was possibly part of the 2nd Chindits campaign. However, there is not any mention of my Grandad being in Burma on the record as far as i can tell, I'm still trying to decipher some of the records.

    This leaves me with questions which I not sure how to answer:
    1. If Grandad was in Burma would this be on the service records or would it just say India?
    2. Is there another way to get more information on my Grandad's role in India?
    3. Would the RAC 52nd Training Regiment have been involved in Burma?

    Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Matthew,

    Service records can be confusing at times. I have definitely seen soldiers records that only state 'India', when I know for sure that they served inside Burma during WW2.

    45th Reconnaissance Regiment, RAC served on Chindit 2 with the 16th British Infantry Brigade in 1944. They fought as Infantry in Burma after marching in from India. Many men were used to bolster various Chindit units as reinforcements, so it is possible your granddad went in.

    The word Chindit will not feature on anyone's service record, but for Chindit 2, perhaps the term 'Special Force' or 3rd Indian Infantry Division might appear.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the reply Steve
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    Hi Matthew,

    Welcome to the forum. Service records are often difficult to interpret. If you are able to scan the papers and upload them to the forum I'm sure members will assist in their interpretation.

    Does the service record show a medal entitlement and or issue? If so does it shows an entitlement to the Burma Star?

    Good Luck

    Steve Y
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    Welcome to the forum.
    No need for duplicate threads, this one will do , all it leads to is duplication of effort by other members.
    I've hidden the duplicates from view.
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    Apologies if I have used the wrong forum. If I should post this elsewhere, please let me know.
    My Grandad served in WW2. My Grandmother said my Grandad served in India and Burma.
    I have managed to get copies of my Grandad's war records. I'm not a military man so I'm not familiar with all the terms used. However, I can see entries for postings in India but not for Burma.
    Have I missed something in the records? Is it possible my Grandad could have fought in Burma but this was missed off the record (I'm assuming the focus was on fighting rather than admin).
    I have attached the records in case someone who is more familiar with the records was help.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for returning to the forum.

    Your grandfather was posted to 26th Hussars in India.

    26th Hussars - Wikipedia

    On the disbandment of the unit October 1943 he appeared before a Medical Board and was classified C1 - unfit tor front line active service - and is posted to Royal Armoured Corps Depot at Poona in December 1943. He was posted to a RAC training unit in April 1944.

    His record suggests he did not serve in Burma.

    As per my July 2016 post what is his medal entitlement?

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    There is a connection between the 26th Hussars and the Chindits. In late November 1943 the unit was disbanded with half the men posted to 3rd Carabiniers and the other half to the various Chindit Brigades.
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    Thanks Steve

    My mother applied for the medals after my Grandad's death. She received the Defence medal and War medal. As she had believed my Grandad had served in Burma she was expecting the Burma Star but she did not receive this which is why we investigated the records. My mother thought my Grandad had served in the Chindits but my Grandad did not speak about his time in the army which makes it harder to challenge.
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    Hi Bamboo

    Thanks for your post. As mentioned in my post to Steve, my mum believed my Grandad was in the Chindits. It looks like based on the Medical Board this was unlikely.

  11. Tullybrone

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    I'd say he had his Nov 1943 medical during the post disbandment process of 26 Hussars as part of the selection of men for onward postings.

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    If you wish and for your own clarity you can contact The Medal Office and ask them, their information will be based on his service records, but they are the experts in this

    Medals: campaigns, descriptions and eligibility
    You can contact the Medals Office in writing or via email.
    MOD Medal Office
    Room G36
    Innsworth House
    Imjin Barracks
    GL3 1HW
    Telephone enquiries are handled by the Joint Personnel Administration Centre (JPAC).
    Freephone (UK only): 0800 085 3600
    Telephone (from overseas): *44 141 224 3600

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    Thanks - would this be to check medal entitlement?
  14. Tricky Dicky

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    As it is contact with the medal office then two things, they can tell you:

    1. what medals he was entitled to
    2. if those medals were ever issued to him (some demobbed soldiers never did claim theirs)

  15. mabus44

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    My mother did this when she applied for the medals as my Grandad did not claim them. That's when she was told he was not eligible for a Burma Star which has triggered the looking at the records. I'm assuming they looked at the same records which do not reference Burma which is why he did not get the Burma Star

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