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    Whilst reading Whickers War (Alan Whicker) I came across a mention of this unit.

    "The Goumiers" and found this info on the net (Wiki)?

    The 4th Tabor of Moroccan Goums fought in the Sicilian Campaign, landing at Licata on July 14, 1943, and was attached to the U.S. Seventh Army.[4][7] The Goumiers of the 4th Tabor were attached to the U.S. 1st Infantry Division on July 27, 1943 and were recorded in the U.S. 26th Infantry Regiment's log files for their courage. Upon their arrival many Italian soldiers surrendered en masse, while the Germans began staging major retreats away from known Goumiers presence.[8]
    The Italian campaign of World War II is perhaps the most famous and most controversial in the history of the Goumiers. The 4th Group of Moroccan Tabors shipped out for Italy in November 1943, and was followed in January 1944 by the 3rd Group, and reinforced by the 1st Group in April 1944.[4]
    In Italy, the Allies suffered a long stalemate at the German Gustav Line. In May 1944, three Goumier groupes, under the name Corps de Montagne, were the vanguard of the French Expeditionary Corps attack through the Aurunci Mountains during Operation Diadem, the fourth Battle of Monte Cassino. "Here the Goums more than proved their value as light, highly mobile mountain troops who could penetrate the most vertical terrain in fighting order and with a minimum of logistical requirements. Most military analysts consider the Goumiers' manoeuvre as the critical victory that finally opened the way to Rome."[2]
    The Allied commander, U.S. General Mark Clark also paid tribute to the Goumiers and the Moroccan regulars of the Tirailleur units:
    In spite of the stiffening enemy resistance, the 2nd Moroccan Division penetrated the Gustave [sic] Line in less than two day’s fighting. The next 48 hours on the French front were decisive. The knife-wielding Goumiers swarmed over the hills, particularly at night, and General Juin’s entire force showed an aggressiveness hour after hour that the Germans could not withstand. Cerasola, San Giorgio, Mt. D’Oro, Ausonia and Esperia were seized in one of the most brilliant and daring advances of the war in Italy... For this performance, which was to be a key to the success of the entire drive on Rome, I shall always be a grateful admirer of General Juin and his magnificent FEC. During their fighting in the Italian Campaign, the Goumiers suffered 3,000 casualties, of which 600 were killed in action.

    According to Whickers account, Liberated Italian villagers suufered more from the Goumiers in 24hrs than they did under the whole occupation of the Germans
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    Peter -
    I for one would not get too carried away with the exploits of the Goums - and or any other of the North -African - French under Gen Juin - according to many in 8th Army - they were savages who raped everything that walked - pillaged every village- caused more mayhem than the enemy- and we are very glad to see them move over to the US 5th army sector after the 1st battle of Cassino - Whicker was right - they were savages
    ad as regards their fantastic advance at Operation Diadem - as I have always responded to Clark and Juins sardonic charge that 8th Army was slow -

    I repeat for the edification of others - it is one thing to run over a few mountains which are virtually undefended like running through an open door - an entirely different thing to be faced with a very thick locked - bolted and barred very closed door - 8th Army had the tougher task in knocking down both Gustav - and about four other "lines" at great cost only to find that Clark has dis-obeyed his orders and "liberated" rome and allowed the enemy to escape for further more difficult Battles at the Gothic line- where 8th Army lost further 14,000 KIA - sort of puts the goums 600KIA into perspective- and we didn't miss them when they went off to land in the South of France- then Juin had to watch his P's. and Q's - all the rest is B.S.


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